4-7 October 2018

Since 1994 Andrea and Sebastian have been profesional tango stars at various «milongas» in Buenos Aires.

They have been part of many events in Buenos Aires. To name a few : MICHELANGELO tango show, various films from «SOLO TANGO» cable channel, feature dancers at the movie « CANCION DESESPERADA » with Argentina’s Maximiliano Guerra classical ballet star.

In September 1996 they were summoned by « CARI » (Argentina’s Counsil for International Affairs) to be stars at the show « Vida y pasion del tango » together with Horacio Ferrer, Osvaldo Montes and the lead singer Maria Volonte.

They also featured as lead dancers at the film « DESPABILATE AMOR » directed by Eliseo Subiela and at the presentation of Julio Iglesias’ « TANGO » cd in Argentina’s TV channel TELEFE.

Because of their quality as tango dancers they celebrated in various dance salons in Buenos Aires such as : Club Social Rivadavia (with the prize « Pa’ que bailen los Muchachos »), Salon Canning 1997, Sociedad de fomento Club Mariano Acosta, Club Gricel 2000, Club Sunderland and Salon Akarense.

Andrea starts at the age of 8 to study Argentine folklore dances and becomes part of Ballet del Trebol (Santa Fe, Argentina) in 1984. With this company she tours Argentina, USA, Italy and Israel as part of various international dance festivals.

In 1986 she becomes acquainted with other types of dance such as : tango, modern, flamenco and ballet.
In 1992 she is summoned to dance both folklore and tango dances at the 4th World Festival of Folklore Dances at Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

In 1993 she graduates from the National Dance Institute « Maria Ruanova » (Argentina) as a professor of Argentina Folklore dances.

It is at this time that her passion for the tango takes her to the most traditional «milongas» of Buenos Aires where she meets and learns from celebrated salon dancers like : Alberto Villarrazo, Leonardo Lerman, Ernesto Castello, Pedro Faraldo and others.
In this milongas is where she meets Sebastian Misse by 1994 with whom she establishes a tango partnership. Together they represent the culture of the tango all over the world.

Sebastian starts his studies of Argentine folklore dances at the age of 8 in the school of «Santiago Ayala y Norma Viola». With this school he participates in various dance festivals in Buenos Aires.

In 1988 he takes his first tango steps with the star of Broadway’s « Tango Argentino » Carlos Rivarola.

His attraction for the tango takes him to the most famous tango salons of Buenos Aires with his sibblings Andrea, Stella and Gabriel. It is here where he learns from celebrated « milongueros » like : Osvaldo Mantegaza, Ernesto Castello, Pedro Faraldo, Alberto Villarrazo, Turco Jose, Leonardo Lerman, Edgardo Clement, Pepito Avellaneda, Osvaldo and Miguel Zotto and Antonio Todaro.

In 1990 he starts training with his most influential teachers Miguel Angel Zotto, Osvaldo Zotto and Antonio Todaro.

It is then when he dances at Sociedad Armenia, Casa de Carlos Gardel, Teatro Astral (Tribute to Astor Piazzolla), Unione e Benevolenza (Tribute to Osvaldo Pugliese), Teatro Coliseo, Teatro de la Rivera, Michelagelo Tango Show (with stars like : Nestor Fabian, Raul Lavie, Sexteto Julian Plaza and Jose Colangelo), Salon Chique (with star Alberto Castillo) and at Number One (together with Roberto Goyeneche).

He has been interviewed and featured at documentaries by TVGLOBO (Brasil), National Geographic (USA) and Smithsonian Magazine (USA).

In 1994 he meets Andrea Reyero and they become a profesional tango couple.