4-й Сыромятнический пер., 1/8с14, Москва


Level A – beginners. Level B – Intermediate. Level C – advanced. Level D – teachers.



№1 Old Milongueros sequences. Level: C/D

№2 Musicality: walking in a strong bit. Looking for a pause. Level: A/B/C/D
17:45-19:15 3 Milonga (Pepito Avellaneda / Pajarito / Cacho Pistola). Level: B/C/D №4 Milongueros: Life in an Embrace. Level: A/B
19:30-21:00 №5 4 Pisadas: Sensations, Different possibilities. Level: A/B №6 Giro: elegant steps with Giro, interesting entrance and exit. Level: B/C/D
22:00-05:00 Gala Milonga. Main flor: Dj Maria Gesse (Poland). Show Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk
Alternative flor: Dj Evgeny Morozow (Russia)


11:00-14:00 №19 Body for action and reaction №1 Special workshop from Anton Klimat
14:15-15:45 №7 Milonga: Music in simple steps. Level: A/B/C
16:00-17:30 №8 Technique: Unifying the body in one, finding the overall feeling, alignment, posture and joints. Level: A/B №9 Favorite Giro Jorge Dispari. Lapis and Aguhas. Level: B/C/D
17:45-19:15 №10 Deconstruction of sequences. Develop your creativity. Level: A/B/C №11 Milonga: From Lisa to Traspié, Cadencias, footsteps. Level: A/B/C
19:30-21:00 №12 Variations. Movements with changes of dynamic, speed and intensity. Level: C/D
19:30-21:30 Lecture from Andres Vilks
22:00-05:00 Grand Milonga. Main flor: Dj Ralph Nasi (Turkey). Show Andres Laza Moreno & Eladia Cordoba
Alternative flor: Dj Evgeny Morozow (Russia)


12:00-15:00 №20 Body for action and reaction №2 Special workshop from Anton Klimat
15:15-16:45 №13 Flat and circular turns (giros). Enrosques and embellishments. Level: B/C/D №14 Different types of walk in double tempo. How to hear and dance the double tempo? Level: A/B/C
17:00-18:30 №15 In search of the perfect hug: Comfort, flexibility, predisposition to change. Level: A/B №16 Milonga Lisa and Traspie. Interesting steps and sequences. Level: A/B/C/D
18:45-20:15 №17 Vals melodical ideas and fluid transition. Level: B/C/D №18 Master class: Learn to teach. Level: C/D
21:00-05:00 After Party Vinylonga. Dj Andres Vilks (Latvia). Show Jorge Dispari y Maria Del Carmen Romero.