4-7 October 2018

Gustavo and Gisela are a young couple of Argentinian Tango Masters and Dancers, combining in their Personal Style the Traditional Tango with Modern Movements.

They are characterized by their versatility, plasticity, elegance, sensuality and sympathy in the Tango Dance. It is the perfect combination between the Traditional and the Modern Tango.

The Barro from the Tango and the subtlety of the Classical and Contemporary Dance are intertwined in their Dance.

They dance all styles of Argentine Tango, Tango Salon, Tango Stage, Modern Tango, Waltz and Milonga.

Gustavo Rosas is a dancer, choreographer, Dee Jay and Argentine Tango Master since 1992.

He has been trained with teachers such as Angel Sinde, Pupy Castelo, Gloria and Eduardo, Gavito, Raúl Bravo, Portalea, Nito and Elba, Pepito Avellaneda and Susuky, Carlitos Perez, Osvaldo Zotto, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Gustavo Naveira, Luis Solanas, among others.

He has participated in the Film “Vientos de cambio” (Directed by Campanella) and series for the American, Spanish and Italian Television (Rai) and the Film 12 Tangos (Germany), Tango for RAI, etc.

He has worked in the United States, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, England and has participated in the International Congress of Argentine Tango CITA 2004/2005/2014/2015/2016 (Argentina), Paris Tango Festival 2004, Nora s Tango Week 2005 (San Francisco), Nights of the Passion (Belgium) 2004, Tango Festival of the City of Buenos Aires 2003/2004, among others.

He has participated in “Tango Metrópolis”, “Tango, short stories”, “Piazzolla Tango”, “Tangos de la Cabbala”, Taconeando, Chiquín, Otango, etc.

Gustavo worked as a dancer in the houses of Tango: Taconeando, Chiquín and Piazzolla Tango among others.

Gustavo also performs as Profesional Dee Jay: “Dj Gus, Tangos, Valses and Milongas in Vinilos” in the main Milongas of Buenos Aires and in important Festivals in the World. His characteristic is to spend Music with Tango Vinyls (Discs) all the Night, With a unique sound.

Gisela Natoli is Dancer, Choreographer and Master of Tango, with training in classical and contemporary dance.

She is a dancer graduated from the Contemporary Dance School of the General San Martín Theater in Buenos Aires.

As a Professional Dancer, she is part of the Contemporary Ballet of the General San Martín Theater of Buenos Aires and then of the company “Tangokinesis” , directed by Ana Maria Stekelman, with which she has made presentations in : Argentina, Mexico, Colombia , The United States, Canada, Italy, France, Greece, Germany and has participated in important festivals such as the Lyon Biennale, Americartes Festival in Washington DC (Kennedy Center), Tango Festival is taken Bogota, Colombia, Herrenhausen Festival ), Tango Festivals of the city of Buenos Aires, etc.

She Participates in the film “Tango Desire”, directed by Edgardo Kozarinsky.

In Buenos Aires they teach Group, Private and Tango Workshops at the World School of Tango, Mariposita Tango in San Telmo, “Gricel Club”, Milonga La Bruja and ZUM in Club Villa Malcom.

They have performed in the main Milongas of Buenos Aires as: Canning, Sunderland, La Viruta, Gricel, La Ideal, Glorias Argentinas, Cachirulo, Club Fulgor, Club Villa Malcom, etc.